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Hello dear Guest

I am glad that you found my site "THE CHASER" and are interested in my guides and blogs.

Here you can find various News about Storms and Blogs in the areas of Stormchasing, Photography and Travel. The latest Blogs from all Areas you can find under the Menu Item "News" or right here on this Page below.

Let yourself be inspired, learn about the weather or enrich your life with valuable advice, photography tips and tricks or simply treat yourself to the breathtaking view of the pictures and videos.

I try to bring as much as possible into the Blogs to make it exciting. All News that I write here are truthful and created according to the best Research. In most Thunderstorms I was either live on site (as the Stormchasing Blogs prove) or received Material directly from official Sources (e.g. eyewitnesses).

If you want to know more, have Ideas and Suggestions or want to buy Pictures, Calendars, etc., than I am looking forward to a Contact.

For Interviews, Reports and also Clarifications regarding Thunderstorms and their Damages I am at your disposal.

Now I wish you good entertainment and a lot of useful information.


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